The primary objective of the Company is to achieve a long-term sustainable return for the investors. It is to be generated by the portfolio both in form of regular investment income/dividends and confirmed increase in business value. The company is keen to maximise returns with a view to an acceptable level of risk.

SCM Holdings Limited is a responsible investor. It seeks to increase its business value through investment in development and growth of its assets, but also recognizes its responsibility to contribute to the development of the communities where it operates. The Company strongly believes that adherence to the best global standards and practices is fundamental to ensure sustainable long-term investment returns and that integrity, effectiveness, professionalism and responsibility are the key corporate values to make its business successful in a long term.

The Company invests into the assets, which have a high upside potential that can be realised through turnaround, modernisation, and better standards.

The Company does not invest into alcohol, guns, gambling or any other business, which may be seen as illegal or socially unacceptable. As a responsible investor, SCM Holdings Limited will not invest into projects making a negative environmental or social impact.

The key investment principles of SCM Holdings Limited, which we find helping us massively to be in control of the portfolio, adapt to the environment and respond quickly to adverse changes, are:

  • Retain active involvement in the asset management, implement international business standards;
  • Use the best corporate governance structures and rules; reinforce controls with a solid internal audit function;
  • Apply every possible evidence-based analysis to extend the portfolio of investments;
  • Maximise return through dividend growth compounding; minimise underperformance through clear-cut exit triggers and procedures.
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